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An activist battles from exile

Spanish campaigner Alejandro Gonzalez-Davidson and three Cambodian members of his team face two years in prison for their efforts to block a dam This article was previously published in Bangkok Post   Areng Valley is located in an area of the Cardamom Mountains of southwestern Cambodia, in Koh Kong province. It is surrounded by 400,000 […]

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Exclusion or protection? Activists skeptical about LGBT prison

This article was previously published in Coconuts Bangkok Transgender activist Nachacha Kongudom was arrested in June of last year for protesting against the military junta. She was sent to a men’s prison, despite her request to go to a female prison for fear of being harassed for being transgender. The authorities countered her request with […]

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Death sentence for Artur Segarra unlikely to end in execution, experts say why

This article was previously published in Coconuts Bangkok Spaniard Artur Segarra, accused of the murder of compatriot David Bernat, was sentenced to death by a Bangkok court on April 21 and transferred to Bangkwang Prison, better known to some foreigners by its nickname “Bangkok Hilton.” He was convicted of premeditated murder, robbery, kidnapping, extortion, torture, […]

Whang Od, tatoueuse philippine jusqu’à son dernier souffle

Dans le village de Buscalan aux Philippines, Whang Od, 92 ans perpétue, grâce à son savoir-faire, une tradition millénaire. La vieille dame est la dernière tatoueuse “Kalinga”, un art tribal voué à disparaître. Une rencontre spectaculaire alors que le musée du Quai Branly des arts premiers, à Paris, fera événement en 2014 avec la première […]

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Atrapadas en Singapur

Muchas mujeres que llegan a Singapur para trabajar como empleadas domésticas acaban atrapadas por las retenciones de las empresas de trabajo. Sus condiciones mejoran, pero siguen enfrentándose a abusos Este artículo fue previamente publicado en Píkara magazine Moe Moe llegó a Singapur hace dos años, con el objetivo de ahorrar para cumplir el sueño de […]

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Domestic violence in Cambodia

The country struggles with high rates of gender violence. Activists are turning to technology to help This article was previosuly published in The Diplomat There is a proverb in Cambodia, “Men are gold and women are fabric.” Women who lose their virginity before meeting their husband are considered used fabric, smudged and broken. In contrast, […]


Maid in Singapore

Conditions for domestic workers in Singapore are improving, but many still face abuse and exploitation This article was previously published in The Diplomat The dream of opening a business back in Burma is what brought Moe Moe to Singapore two years ago. What she did not know is that it would be nine months before […]

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Was Buddha a Feminist?

The first fully ordained Thai female monk in the Theravada tradition caused a controversy that continues 15 years later. This article was previosly published in The Diplomat   The Venerable Dhammananda likes to say that “Buddha was the first feminist” because the ascetic gave the same position to men and women. She says that, in fact, Buddha […]