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Death sentence for Artur Segarra unlikely to end in execution, experts say why

This article was previously published in Coconuts Bangkok Artur Segarra Spaniard Artur Segarra, accused of the murder of compatriot David Bernat, was sentenced to death by a Bangkok court on April 21 and transferred to Bangkwang Prison, better known to some foreigners by its nickname “Bangkok Hilton.” He was convicted of premeditated murder, robbery, kidnapping, […]

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Faith divides us: Malaysian families are being torn apart by the secret conversion of children to Islam

Embittered spouses are secretly converting their children and using the country’s dual legal system to gain an upper hand in custody battles This article was previously published in Southeast Asia Globe printed edition Indira Gandhi’s marriage started falling apart around the time she gave birth to her third child, Prasana, in 2008. Based in Ipoh, […]

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El asesinato de una mujer transexual expone los temores de esta comunidad en Malasia

Los activistas dicen que este crimen debe ser interpretado en un contexto de creciente conservadurismo, incluido un plan para aumentar las penas de la sharía. La situación de la comunidad LGBT en Malasia empeora Artículo publicado previamente en El País Planeta Futuro LGBT en Malasia El asesinato de Sameera Krishman, en la ciudad de Kuantan, […]

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Bangladesh mantiene su proyecto de enviar a refugiados rohingyas a una isla inhabitada

Bangladesh mantiene su proyecto de enviar a refugiados rohingyas a una isla inhabitada Este artículo fue previamente publicado en Equal Times Rohingyas a una isla inhabitada La isla de Thengar Char está ubicada en la Bahía de Bengala y tiene una superficie de 40 kilómetros cuadrados, pero no aparece en la mayoría de los mapas. […]

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How the murder of a Malaysian transgender woman exposed fears over an islamic penal code

The brutal killing of a florist shocks activists who say it must be seen against a backdrop of rising conservatism that threatens the LGBT community This articule was previously published in South China Morning Post LGBT in Malaysia The murder of Sameera Krishman in the city of Kuantan, Malaysia, was brutal enough to shock the […]

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Here Come the Malaysian Morality Police

As hardline Islam rises, lawmakers in Malaysia will debate a controversial bill to increase sharia punishments This article was previously published in The Diplomat Malaysian morality police The religious officers raided actress Faye Kusairi’s family home after someone reported her for being “too close” to a person of the opposite sex in an isolated place, […]