The rise of a new generation of ‘green collar workers’ in South-East Asia (Equal Times)

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In this picture, Tran Thi Khanh Trang, who launched the Fargreen project, says her main work is to “make the most of rice straw, something that Vietnamese farmers usually burn after the harvest,” but which they now use to grow gourmet mushrooms.…

Aceh, Indonesia: When Dating Meets Sharia Law (The Diplomat)

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In Aceh, young people have to reconcile their daily life with a strict version of the sharia law

Sharia is here to stay in Indonesia’s Aceh (The Diplomat)

Sharia in Aceh is here to stay. Even an attempt just to hold Sharia-dictated canings in private was ultimately unsuccessful

Would moving Indonesia's capital work? (South China Morning Post)

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Experts say Indonesia's plan to move capital from Jakarta will not solve Jakarta’s overpopulation problem, as many people might not want to leave