Thailand Has a Gender Violence Problem (The Diplomat)

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Repeated cases of violence against women demonstrate their systematic subordination within Thailand’s patriarchal social structure
Domestic violence in Thailand

Severed penis, murdered ex-wife: what’s behind Thailand’s rise in domestic violence? (South China Morning Post)

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Hundreds of women and children report abuse each year, according to official figures, but these are only the ‘tip of the iceberg’ rights groups say

Lost in transition: How it really feels to be transgender in Thailand (South China Morning Post)

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Despite its international reputation as a haven for members of the LGBT community, growing up teen transgender in Thailand can be tough – as Ari’s story shows

Forced seduction: problematic rape scenes persist in Thai soap operas (Southeast Asia Globe)

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Rape in Thai soap operas is a problem. It is routinely depicted as a precursor to romance, with female protagonists shown falling in love with their rapists. But, led by an outraged viewer, the country’s television industry is starting to examine its normalisation of sexual violence

Was Buddha a Feminist?

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The first fully ordained Thai female monk in the Theravada tradition caused a controversy that continues 15 years later. The question is: Was Buddha a feminist?

Death sentence for Artur Segarra unlikely to end in execution, experts say why

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This article was previously published in Coconuts Bangkok Artur Segarra Spaniard Artur Segarra, accused of the murder of compatriot David Bernat, was sentenced to death by a Bangkok court on April 21 and transferred to Bangkwang Prison,…

Exclusion or protection? Activists skeptical about LGBT prison

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This article was previously published in Coconuts Bangkok LGBT prison in Thailand Transgender activist Nachacha Kongudom was arrested in June of last year for protesting against the military junta in Bangkok. She was sent to a men’s…

Una prisión para proteger a reos transexuales

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Tailandia planea abrir una prisión LGTB para evitar abusos, una decisión que no contenta a los activistas Este artículo fue previamente publicado en El País Internacional Prisión LGTB Nachacha Kongudom fue…

An activist battles from exile

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Spanish campaigner Alejandro Gonzalez-Davidson and three Cambodian members of his team face two years in prison for their efforts to block a dam This article was previously published in Bangkok Post Alejandro Gonzalez-Davidson Areng…

Thailand “no paradise for transsexuals”

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A transgender couple’s fight for their rights This article was previously published in Coconuts Bangkok Thailand is not a paradise for transsexuals Sam and Yollie love each other as much as any other ordinary couple. What makes…

The reality of life for a refugee family hiding in Bangkok

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This article was previously published in Bangkok Post A Syrian-Palestinian refugee family has spent two years confined in a building and living in fear of arrest Refugees in Thailand Tamim arrived in Bangkok two years ago after fleeing…

Thailand under military rule

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A year after the military coup in Thailand, the military continues silencing any criticism and failing to set a date for elections. This article was previously published in Contributoria Military coup in Thailand “Return…