Underage maids trafficked in Singapore (The Diplomat)

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Official figures are unknown, but activists against child labor see new cases of maids trafficked in Singapore every year

Lost in transition: How it really feels to be transgender in Thailand (South China Morning Post)

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Despite its international reputation as a haven for members of the LGBT community, growing up teen transgender in Thailand can be tough – as Ari’s story shows
Adolescentes transexuales en Tailandia - Ilustración de Olivia López

Papá, no soy tu niña (El País)

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Los adolescentes transexuales en Tailandia se suelen sentir desamparados ante la falta de información y aceptación. Jay nos cuenta su caso

Sharia is here to stay in Indonesia’s Aceh (The Diplomat)

Sharia in Aceh is here to stay. Even an attempt just to hold Sharia-dictated canings in private was ultimately unsuccessful

Forced seduction: problematic rape scenes persist in Thai soap operas (Southeast Asia Globe)

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Rape in Thai soap operas is a problem. It is routinely depicted as a precursor to romance, with female protagonists shown falling in love with their rapists. But, led by an outraged viewer, the country’s television industry is starting to examine its normalisation of sexual violence

Was Buddha a Feminist?

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The first fully ordained Thai female monk in the Theravada tradition caused a controversy that continues 15 years later. The question is: Was Buddha a feminist?

Would moving Indonesia's capital work? (South China Morning Post)

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Experts say Indonesia's plan to move capital from Jakarta will not solve Jakarta’s overpopulation problem, as many people might not want to leave  

Why are abuse claims in Cambodia's war on drugs being ignored?

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The war on drugs in Cambodia may not feature the violence of Rodrigo Duterte’s crackdown in the Philippines, but advocates still warn of ‘gradual but deadly’ rights abuses This article was previously published in South China Morning…

Faith divides us: Malaysian families are being torn apart by the secret conversion of children to Islam

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Embittered spouses are secretly converting their children and using the country’s dual legal system to gain an upper hand in custody battles This article was previously published in Southeast Asia Globe printed edition Indira Gandhi’s…

Rohingya refugees to uninhabited island

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Bangladesh pushes ahead with plans to send Rohingya refugees to uninhabited island This article was previously published in Equal Times Rohingya refugees to uninhabited island Thengar Char, a 40-square-kilometre island in the Bay of…

How the murder of a Malaysian transgender woman exposed fears over an islamic penal code

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The brutal killing of a florist shocks activists who say it must be seen against a backdrop of rising conservatism that threatens the LGBT community This articule was previously published in South China Morning Post LGBT…

The forced pregnancies of the Khmer Rouge

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The forced pregnancies of the Khmer Rouge are forgotten by the court set up to judge the communist regime’s crimes This article was previosly published in The Diplomat The forced pregnancies of the Khmer Rouge Souk (not her…