Thailand Has a Gender Violence Problem (The Diplomat)

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Repeated cases of violence against women demonstrate their systematic subordination within Thailand’s patriarchal social structure

The Decline of China’s Kingdom of Women (The Diplomat)

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Chinese Singaporean lawyer Choo Waihong portrays the slow decline of the culture of the Mosuo, one of the last remaining matriarchal societies in the world
Domestic violence in Thailand

Severed penis, murdered ex-wife: what’s behind Thailand’s rise in domestic violence? (South China Morning Post)

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Hundreds of women and children report abuse each year, according to official figures, but these are only the ‘tip of the iceberg’ rights groups say

Aceh, Indonesia: When Dating Meets Sharia Law (The Diplomat)

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In Aceh, young people have to reconcile their daily life with a strict version of the sharia law

Underage maids trafficked in Singapore (The Diplomat)

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Official figures are unknown, but activists against child labor see new cases of maids trafficked in Singapore every year

Was Buddha a Feminist?

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The first fully ordained Thai female monk in the Theravada tradition caused a controversy that continues 15 years later. The question is: Was Buddha a feminist?

How the murder of a Malaysian transgender woman exposed fears over an islamic penal code

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The brutal killing of a florist shocks activists who say it must be seen against a backdrop of rising conservatism that threatens the LGBT community This articule was previously published in South China Morning Post LGBT…

The forced pregnancies of the Khmer Rouge

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The forced pregnancies of the Khmer Rouge are forgotten by the court set up to judge the communist regime’s crimes This article was previosly published in The Diplomat The forced pregnancies of the Khmer Rouge Souk (not her…

Exclusion or protection? Activists skeptical about LGBT prison

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This article was previously published in Coconuts Bangkok LGBT prison in Thailand Transgender activist Nachacha Kongudom was arrested in June of last year for protesting against the military junta in Bangkok. She was sent to a men’s…

Una prisión para proteger a reos transexuales

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Tailandia planea abrir una prisión LGTB para evitar abusos, una decisión que no contenta a los activistas Este artículo fue previamente publicado en El País Internacional Prisión LGTB Nachacha Kongudom fue…

Maid in Singapore

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Conditions for domestic workers in Singapore are improving, but many still face abuse and exploitation I published this article previously in The Diplomat Domestic workers in Singapore The dream of…

Domestic violence in Cambodia

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The judicial system barely functions and most cases of domestic violence go unreported in Cambodia. Activists are turning to technology to help This article was previosuly published in The Diplomat Domestic violence in Cambodia There…