8 Years After Rana Plaza Disaster, Activists Fear Bangladesh’s Garment Workers Are in Danger Again (The Diplomat)

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The binding agreement signed by clothing brands to prevent a similar disaster in Bangladesh will expire in May. Some fear this could mean a step back for worker safety

Thailand Has a Gender Violence Problem (The Diplomat)

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Repeated cases of violence against women demonstrate their systematic subordination within Thailand’s patriarchal social structure

Thailand: The Coronavirus Suicides (The Diplomat)

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Scholars warn that the number of people driven to suicide by economic hardship could exceed the number of COVID-19 deaths if the government doesn’t react

Coronavirus and Rohingya Refugee Camps (The Diplomat)

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The first confirmed case in Cox’s Bazar, on March 24, is a serious concern for aid workers

Spain’s Chinese community’s fight against coronavirus and xenophobia started early (South China Morning Post)

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Weeks before the country went into lockdown, many Chinese-run shops had closed and workers in the remainder wore masks. When the infection arrived, fears of racially motivated insults were realised from abuse on the street to social media attacks
Domestic violence in Thailand

Severed penis, murdered ex-wife: what’s behind Thailand’s rise in domestic violence? (South China Morning Post)

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Hundreds of women and children report abuse each year, according to official figures, but these are only the ‘tip of the iceberg’ rights groups say

Aceh, Indonesia: When Dating Meets Sharia Law (The Diplomat)

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In Aceh, young people have to reconcile their daily life with a strict version of the sharia law

Forced seduction: problematic rape scenes persist in Thai soap operas (Southeast Asia Globe)

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Rape in Thai soap operas is a problem. It is routinely depicted as a precursor to romance, with female protagonists shown falling in love with their rapists. But, led by an outraged viewer, the country’s television industry is starting to examine its normalisation of sexual violence

Why are abuse claims in Cambodia's war on drugs being ignored?

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The war on drugs in Cambodia may not feature the violence of Rodrigo Duterte’s crackdown in the Philippines, but advocates still warn of ‘gradual but deadly’ rights abuses This article was previously published in South China Morning…

Death sentence for Artur Segarra unlikely to end in execution, experts say why

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This article was previously published in Coconuts Bangkok Artur Segarra Spaniard Artur Segarra, accused of the murder of compatriot David Bernat, was sentenced to death by a Bangkok court on April 21 and transferred to Bangkwang Prison,…

Faith divides us: Malaysian families are being torn apart by the secret conversion of children to Islam

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Embittered spouses are secretly converting their children and using the country’s dual legal system to gain an upper hand in custody battles This article was previously published in Southeast Asia Globe printed edition Indira Gandhi’s…

Rohingya refugees to uninhabited island

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Bangladesh pushes ahead with plans to send Rohingya refugees to uninhabited island This article was previously published in Equal Times Rohingya refugees to uninhabited island Thengar Char, a 40-square-kilometre island in the Bay of…